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VLT(R) Kontrolni panel LCP 11 bez potenc

Lokalni upravljački panel za VLT® Micro Drive FC51. Kućište IP20/prednji IP54. Numerički LCP sa brzim menijem za puštanje u rad i lokalno upravljanje. Očitavanje statusa, ručni/automatski izbor, tasteri za reset i navigaciju, funkcionalnost za kopiranje i memorisanje parametara.


VLT(R) Kontrolni panel LCP 12, sa potenc

Numerical control unit with integrated potentiometer for VLT Micro Drive
FC 51.
Fully enclosed housing design (IP 20 / front IP 54).
Quick menu for quick commissioning, manual / auto switchover and alarm
With copy function to save and transfer the device parameters.


LCP Komplet za montažu na udaljenu lokac

Remote installation kit for VLT Micro Drive FC 51 for installing an LCP 11 or LCP
12 control unit in a control cabinet door or similar. (can also be retrofitted).
Contains fastening elements, seal and 3 m connection cable with plugs.
LCP is not included in the scope of delivery.
Minimum delivery quantity: 6 (in a collective box with individual packaging)


Decouplung Kit for M1 and M2

EMC Disconnect Kit for VLT Micro Drive FC-051
For enclosure sizes M1 and M2.
Product group: M


IP21/TYPE1 Kit za konverziju, M3

IP 21 covers for VLT Micro Drive FC 51 in size M3.
Increases the degree of protection of the housing and offers additional protection
against accidental contact.
Minimum delivery quantity: 3 (in a collective box with individual packaging)