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Remote Control Panel LCP601

The VLT® Soft Starter MCD 600 soft starters can be used with a remote
LCP mounted up to 3 m (9.8 ft) away from the soft starter. This kit
contains a LCP601 + 3 meter cable. Can be connected to existing
communication card

MCD 600 Finger Guard kit IP20 for S3

Finger guards provide IP20 protection when used with cable of diameter
22 mm or greater.

MCD 600 Busbar Lug Kit for S3

A terminal lug is recommended for models MCD6-0654B~MCD6-1250B and
MCD6-0590C~MCD6-1134C. The recommended lug
is TCAL125. To use a lug, these models require busbar link 175G0203.
MCD6-0654B~MCD1250B have 6 busbars (x3 for AC in, x3 for motor out) and
require 2 x 157G0203.
MCD6-0590C~MCD6-1134C have 9 busbars (x3 for AC in, x3 for bypass, x3
for motor out) and require 3 x 157G0203.

К-т за предпазване на пръстите, IP20 G3

Terminal cover IP20 132-160 kW MCD with bypass housing G3B