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VLT® Control Panel LCP 102

VLT Control Panel LCP 102
Verlicht grafisch display met onopgemaakte tekst.
Biedt ondersteuning voor alle talen en teksttekens.
Snelmenu voor snelle inbedrijfstelling.
Opslag- en kopieerfunctie voor parametersets.
Online help voor alle functies.


Montageset extern LCP incl. 3m kabel

Remote installation kit for VLT Micro Drive FC 51 for installing an LCP 11 or LCP
12 control unit in a control cabinet door or similar. (can also be retrofitted).
Contains fastening elements, seal and 3 m connection cable with plugs.
LCP is not included in the scope of delivery.
Minimum delivery quantity: 6 (in a collective box with individual packaging)


LCP blind afdekkap, IP20/21

Use the blind cover to mount on a VLT® Midi Drive FC 280 when you
does not need a control panel.


Adapter Plate, VLT2800 size C

Adapter plate, VLT2800 size C
VLT 2822 220 - 240 V, PD2
VLT 2840 200-240 volts
VLT 2855-2875 380-480 volts


VLT® Memory Module MCM 103

Memory module (MM) with Profibus converter
for VLT® Midi Drive FC280.
With the VLT® memory module Profibus converter
MCM 103 can transfer data between
Memory module and the VLT® Midi Drive FC280
be transmitted.
- Make a full backup
all data / parameters (backup)
- Activation of the VLT® 2800 Profibus Converter
for FC280
- Restore data / settings
- Transfer of preconfigured parameters
settings on the drive or on a drive
- Activate the Profibus converter
- Downward compatibility to VLT2799 installations
with Profibus communication
- prevents the new FC280 from being in the PLC program
must be created again or new GSD files are needed