VLT® Decentral Access Module, 25A, PN


The Decentral Access Module DAM 510 is a central interface to the
decentral servo system. It is used to connect ISD 510 and DSD 510 to the
servo system via a hybrid feed-in cable. The DAM 510 supplies the
decentral servo drives with DC-link, UAUX, STO and the Ethernet-based
fieldbus via the hybrid cable. The DAM 510 provides functions such as:

- Overcurrent protection of the hybrid cable
- Overvoltage protection
- Charging circuit of the DC-link

DC-link voltage: 565-680 +/-10%
Output current DC-link: 25A
Bus system: PROFINET
Protection rating: IP20

Dettagli prodotto

Peso lordo 3.15 kg
Peso netto 3 kg
Volume 24.168 dm3
EAN 5714853170333

Accessories DSD 510

Gamma Prodotto DSD VLT® Decentral Servo Drive
Variante prodotto (510) ISD 510

Accessories ISD 510

Product Group VLT® Integrated Servo Drive
Product Variant (510) ISD 510

Accessories MSD 510

Product Group VLT® Multiaxis Servo Drive MSD
Product Variant MSD 510 Servo Drive Module 511
MSD 510 Servo Drive Module 512


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