System module, liquid-cooled
IP00/Open Type, Frame: DR12L
DC/DC converter module, 380-500 V AC / 465-800 V DC, 1080 A
EMC category: C4 category
Control Panel 2.8 OPX20
Standard I/O: I/O and Relay Option OC7C1
Functional Safety: None, not upgradable
Other options according to model code

Model code: IC7-60SLDCB5-1080E00F4+AED1+AKFF+ANN1+AO20+BAPR+BDC1+BEXX+BF20+BGK1+BH25+BK03+BL25+DAHY

Product details

Gross weight 275 kg
Net weight 237 kg
Volume 0 l
EAN 5715253256511

General DD VC Class

Help Counter 1
Typecode Part 1 7SM-HYSLDCB5-1080E00F4
Typecode Part 2 -000094129
Calculated Gross Weight [kg] 274
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 230
Vendor ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor

iC7 System Modules - IC7SM

Product series +DAHY iC7-Hybrid
Product group IC7-60 iC7-60
Product category SL System module, liquid-cooled
Product type DC DC/DC converter module
Mains voltage B5 380-500 V AC / 465-800 V DC
Current rating -1080 1080 A
Power rating XXX Not relevant
Protection rating E00 IP00/Open Type
EMC category F4 C4 category
Integration unit +AED1 Standard, with DC/DC filter
Mains input device +AJXX None
DC fuses and devices +AKFF DC bus fuses and source fuses
Cooling circuit connector type +ANN1 Push-in connection
Cooling circuit hose length +AO20 2.0 m (6 ft)
Marine construction +AFXX None
Extra environmental protection +AGCX Coated boards
Communication interface, X1/X2 +BAPR PROFINET RT OS7PR
Communication interface, X0 +BBEL Ethernet port, no protocol
Standard I/O +BDC1 I/O and Relay Option OC7C1
Functional safety +BEXX None, not upgradable
Control panel +BF20 Control Panel 2.8 OPX20
Control panel mounting type +BGK1 Flush mount
Control panel cable length +BH25 2.5 m (8 ft)
Control unit cable length +BK03 0.3 m (1 ft), Fiber
StarCoupler board cable length +BL25 2.5 m (8 ft), Fiber
Option slot A +CAXX None, without mounting p
Option slot B +CBXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot C +CCXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot D +CDXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot E +CEXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot F +CFXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot G +CGXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot H +CHXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot I +CIXX None, without mounting plate
Option slot J +CJXX None, without mounting plate
Language package +EL01 Global
Customer specific application +DBXX None
Additional drive features 1 +DD1X None
Additional drive features 2 +DE2X None
Additional drive features 3 +DF3X None
Additional drive features 4 +DG4X None
Additional drive features 5 +DH5X None
High speed enabled +DI6X No
Customization file package ID +EAXXXXXX No customization
Product software ID +ECXXX Latest released version
Technical documentation +EGXX None
Documentation language +EHXX Multi-language
Customer-specific label +EJXX None
Shipping package +TACB Cardboard box package
Product specific marine cert. +VBXX None
Frame designation DR12L DR12L
Modelcode01 IC7-60SLDCB5-1080E00F4
Modelcode02 +AED1+AKFF+ANN1
Modelcode03 +AO20+BAPR+BDC1+BEXX+BF20
Modelcode04 +BGK1+BH25+BK03+BL25
Modelcode06 +DAHY
Product Catalog NO_VIEW NO VIEW
check if complete OK
Approval Text 1 Danfoss Ltd.
Approval Text 2 22 Wycombe End,
Approval Text 3 HP9 1NB, GB
CE approval image - DrivesSymb 6
CE Company address 2 DK-6430 Nordborg
Company logo image - DrivesSym J
CE Company name Danfoss A/S
CE Company web address www.danfoss.com
Cooling type Liquid Cooled
Enclosure rating IP00 / OPEN TYPE
Approval image 7- DrivesSymbol u
Product Series - DrivesSymbol iC7-Hybrid
Short circuit current rating 100kA
Liquid temp. High Overload 45°C/113°F
Liquid temp. Low Overload 45°C/113°F
Liquid temp. Nominal load 45°C/113°F
WEEE image - DrivesSymbol f
DC Bus voltage 465-800VDC
DC Source/load voltage 0-VDC BUS
Storage temperature -40...70°C/-40...158°F
DC Bus current 1103A(742VDC)
DC Source/load current 1103A(742VDC)
DC power 819KW(742VDC)
Main unit Width 235MM/9.3IN
Main unit Depth 568MM/22.4IN
Main unit Height 1282MM/50.5IN
Product Type - DrivesSymbol DC/DC converter module
Product Category -DrivesSymbol System module, liquid-cooled

iC7 System Modules Hybrid

Product View (Switch) GLBL Global (Standard)
Salescode part 1 IC7-60SLDCB5-1080E00F4
Salescode part 2 +AED1+AKFF+ANN1
Salescode part 3 +AO20+BAPR+BDC1+BEXX+BF20
Salescode part 4 +BGK1+BH25+BK03+BL25
Salescode part 5 +DAHY

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