Pumps, RSA, 82.00 L/h, ROTATION: L, Nozzle/pressure outlet: L


RSA 40

Podatki o izdelku

Bruto masa 2.186 Kilogram
Neto masa 2.185 Kilogram
Volume 3.37 Liter
EAN 5702425024986


Rotation L
1 or 2 stage 1
Biofuel blend 100
Capacity [l/h] 82 L/h
Capacity group 50-99
Capacity range [l/h] [Max] 99 L/h
Capacity range [l/h] [Min] 50 L/h
CE evaluated Out of scope
China RoHS compliance Out of scope
Closing function Shut-off
Definition point [l/h] 2800 min-1, 7 bar, 4.3 cSt
Description RSA 40
EU RoHS compliance Yes with exemptions
EU RoHS exemption clause 6(a), 6(c)
Factory pressure setting [bar] 7 bar
Filter area [cm²] 75 cm²
Filter grade [µm] 150
Flats/key on the shaft 1 flat
Hitrost [vrt/min] [Maks] 3600 rpm
Hitrost [vrt/min] [Min] 1400 rpm
Ime izdelka v dokumentu SCIP Oil pumps - RSA 40
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Količina v pakiranju 6 kos
Nozzle/pressure outlet L
Number of stages 1
Oblika pakiranja Skupinsko pakiranje
Oil pump speed [op/min] 3600 op/min
Oil type Kerosene/Light oil
Opombe Rotation and nozzle/pressure outlet are always determined viewing from the shaft end of the pump.
Pipe connection 1 pipe
Poraba energije [W] 70 W
Pressure feed line [bar] [Max] 4 bar
Pressure kerosene [bar] [Max] 12 bar
Pressure range special spring [bar] [Max] 5 bar
Pressure range special spring [bar] [Min] 1 bar
Serie RS
Shaft Diameter [in] 7/16
Skupina izdelkov Pumps
Snovi s seznama potencialno nevarnih snovi REACH Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1)
Suction Line Vacuum [bar] [Max] 0.4 bar
Temperatura medija [°C] [Maks] 120 °C
Temperatura medija [°C] [Min] -10 °C
Temperatura okolice [°C] [Maks] 120 °C
Temperatura okolice [°C] [Min] -20 °C
Temperatura skladiščenja [°C] [Maks] 120 °C
Temperatura skladiščenja [°C] [Min] -25 °C
Tlak [bar] [Maks] 21 bar
Tlak [bar] [Min] 5.5 bar
UK RoHS compliance Out of scope
UK RoHS exemption clause 12
UL evaluated Out of scope
Viscosity [cSt] [Max] 18 cSt
Viscosity [cSt] [Min] 1.3 cSt
Vrsta filtra Ring
Zagonski navor [Nm] [Maks] 0.22 N-m
Št. dokumenta SCIP 9886a09b-6093-4c78-a7a5-3cc9c004ff8a


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