This filter provides active harmonic compensation to
meet THID < 5% as per IEEE 519. It is compatible with
VLT®, VACON® and iC7 drives from Danfoss, and is
available in these countries Japan, South Korea, Taiwan,
Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,
Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. For the IP20
power module, select 4-wire configuration when the
neutral compensation (4th wire) is required.Otherwise,
3-wire configuration fits most VFD applications.
You can design active filter solutions based on the
linear and non-linear loads used in the system.
• For IP20 modules, select either 3-wire module (or)
4-wire module. Select HMI as optional.
• For the IP54 cabinet version, HMI is built in.
Current transformers are not included in the scope of
supply. Sizing of the current transformer is based on
the load rating and selection of Danfoss Active
Power Filter.

Product details

Gross weight 48 kg
Net weight 48 kg
Volume 0 l
EAN 5715253498874

DD Power Options Class

Mains Voltage 228-480 V~
Product Series Danfoss Active Power Filter
Protection Class IP20
Supply Power Wire 3 Phase, 3 Wire


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