ECL Comfort 110, 207 V - 244 V
ECL Comfort 110, 207 V - 244 V


ECL Comfort 110, 230 V, with timer progr

제품 세부정보

총 중량 0.56 kg
순중량 0.4 kg
EAN 5702421067734


Actuator output load [VA] 15 VA
Ambient humidity [% RH] [Max] 65 % RH
Application source On-board
Communications ECL-Bus (non-galvanically isolated)
DHW functions Auto-tunning
Return temperature influence
General functions Circulation pump exercise
Control valve exercise
External override facility
Frost protection
Master - Slave network
Motor protection
Remote control connection
Grade of enclosure IP41
Heat curve setting for heating circuit Slope
Number of 3-point motor control outputs 1
Number of comfort periods per day 2
Number of DHW circuits 1
Number of digital inputs 1
Number of heating circuits 1
Number of pumps 1
Number of relay outputs 1
Relay output inductive load [A] 2 A
Relay output ohmic load [A] 4 A
Relay output voltage [V] AC 230 V
Sensor cable length [mm] 125 mm
Storage temperature [°C] [Max] 70 °C
Storage temperature [°C] [Min] -40 °C
Supply voltage frequency [Hz] 50 Hz
Temperature sensors type Pt 1000
Time switch power backup [h] 12 h
Time switch type Week
User input type Display
Push buttons
공급 전압 [V] AC 230 V
공급 전압 [V] AC [최대] 244 V
공급 전압 [V] AC [최소] 207 V
설명 ECL Comfort 110, 230 V, with timer progr
센서 입력 개수 4 pc
승인 표준 CE marking
EMC-Directive: 2004/108/EC
Emission: EN 61000-6-3:2007
Immunity: EN 61000-6-1:2007
LVD directive 2006/95/EC
전력 소비 [W] 3 W
제품군 전자 제어기
주변 온도 [°C] [최대] 55 °C
주변 온도 [°C] [최소] 0 °C
표시 유형 LCD custom design
형식 ECL Comfort 110


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Software and firmware to extend functionality