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HF-Common mode Filter

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(OFXC1) Common-mode Filter OFXC1
(-M) System Modules
(-AF) Air-cooled, forced
(-A1) AuxBus thermal protection
(-E00) IP00/Open Type
(-F4) C4 category
(+VBXX) None
(DGLBL) Development Global
(OFXC1-M-AF________-A1-E00-F4) OFXC1-M-AF________-A1-E00-F4
(OFXC1-M-AF-A1-E00-F4) OFXC1-M-AF-A1-E00-F4
(D801) (D801) FI - Vaasa
(D801) (D801) Factory FI - Vaasa
(G801) (G801) India Distribution
(G801) G801