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VLT® Relay Option MCB 105, coated

Relay extension for FC 100 and FC 300.
Extension with 3 additional load relays (changeover contacts),
easy to retrofit thanks to modular technology.
Painted version for harsh environments,
easy to retrofit thanks to modular technology.
Max. Load 240V AC (resistive): 2 A
Max. Load 240V AC (Cos Phi 0.4): 0.2 A
Max. Load 24V DC (ohmic): 1 A
Max. Load 24V DC (inductive): 0.1 A


VLT® BACnet MCA 109, coated

A. Device profile: Application-Specific-Controller (B-ASC)
Supported objects: Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Binary
Input, binary output,
Binary Value, Device, Multi-State Output, Notification Class
Protocol: Building automation world standard ISO 16484-5
Data Link Layer: MS / TP 9600, 19200, 38400, 76800
Data sharing: ReadProperty-B, DS-RP-B
ReadPropertyMultiple-B, DS-RPM-B
WriteProperty-B, DS-WP-B
WritePropertyMultiple-B, DS-WPM-B
Alarm and Notification Internal-B, AE-N-I-B
Event Notification: ACK-B, AE-ACK-B
Information-B, AE-INFO-B
Device and Network Dynamic Device Binding-A, DM-DDB-A
Management: Dynamic Device Binding-B, DM-DDB-B