Pump, APP 7.2
Pump, APP 7.2


Flow [gpm] [Max]: 31.260, Flow [l/min] [Max]: 120.210, Outlet pressure [barg] [Max]: 80, Speed [rpm] [Max]: 1800, Speed [rpm] [Min]: 700, Body material: Duplex

Product details

Gross weight 35.8 kg
Net weight 34.04 kg


Ambient temperature [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Ambient temperature [°C] [Min] 0 °C
Ambient temperature [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Ambient temperature [°F] [Min] 32 °F
Body material Duplex
Country of origin Denmark
Description Pump for sea- or brackish water
Displacement [cm³/rev] 70.3 cm³/rev
Displacement [in³/rev] 4.29 in³/rev
Drain connection size (metric) M6
Drain connection standard Metric
Drain connection type Thread
Flow [gpm] [Max] 31.26 gal/min
Flow [gpm] [Min] 11.15 gal/min
Flow [l/min] [Max] 120.21 L/min
Flow [l/min] [Min] 42.88 L/min
Flow [m³/h] [Max] 7.21 m³/h
Flow [m³/h] [Min] 2.57 m³/h
Inlet connection size (metric) M42
Inlet connection standard Metric
Inlet connection type Thread
Inlet pressure [barg] [Max] 5 barg
Inlet pressure [barg] [Min] 0.5 barg
Inlet pressure [psig] [Max] 72.5 psig
Inlet pressure [psig] [Min] 7.3 psig
Inlet pressure peak [barg] [Max] 5 barg
Inlet pressure peak [psig] [Max] 73 psig
Media temperature [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Media temperature [°C] [Min] 2 °C
Media temperature [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Media temperature [°F] [Min] 36 °F
Outlet connection size (metric) M42
Outlet connection standard Metric
Outlet connection type Thread
Outlet pressure [barg] [Max] 80 barg
Outlet pressure [barg] [Min] 20 barg
Outlet pressure [psig] [Max] 1160 psig
Outlet pressure [psig] [Min] 290 psig
Outside dimensions of packaging LxWxH [in] 14,9x11,8x11,8
Outside dimensions of packaging LxWxH [mm] 380x300x300
Product group Pump
Product name APP pumps
Seal Material NBR
Serviceable Yes
Sound pressure level [dB(A)] 78 dBA
Speed [rpm] [Max] 1800 rpm
Speed [rpm] [Min] 700 rpm
Speed continuous [rpm] [Min] 700 rpm
Type APP 5.1-10.2
Type designation APP 7.2


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