Safety Thermostats, ST-1


Safety thermostat ST-1

Product details

Gross weight 0.436 Kg
Net weight 0.46 Kg
Volume 2.025 Liter
EAN 5702421715000


Ambient temperature [°C] [max] 80 °C
Cable entry Pg 20
Contact inductive load [A] 2.5 A
Contact ohmic load [A] 10 A
Contact three-phase load [A] 7 A
Contacts Ag 1000/1000
Cut-out accuracy [K] [Max] 6 K
Cut-out accuracy [K] [Min] 0 K
Description Safety thermostat ST-1
Differential STW [K] 12 (+/- 3)
Differential TR [K] 4 (+/- 1)
Grade of enclosure IP40
Label product Yes
Mounting orientation No restriction
Number of temperature sensors 2
Permissible media District heating/cooling circulation water
Pressure nominal [bar] 10 bar
Product group Safety Thermostats
REACH Candidate List substances Lead
Reset temperature difference STW Auto
Reset temperature difference TR Auto
Safety monitor STW setting [°C] [Max] 120 °C
Safety monitor STW setting [°C] [Min] 100 °C
Sensor connection R ½
Sensor pocket material Brass Ms 58/copper
Sensor temperature [°C] [Max] 130 °C
Storage temperature [°C] [Max] 80 °C
Storage temperature [°C] [Min] -15 °C
Temperature sensor diameter [mm] 9 mm
Temperature sensor length [mm] 100 mm
Thermostat TR setting [°C] [Max] 120 °C
Thermostat TR setting [°C] [Min] 30 °C
Transport temperature [°C] [Max] 80 °C
Transport temperature [°C] [Min] -15 °C
Type ST-1


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