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DEVIfast 25m Metal, In box, Used for product: DEVIbasic™ 20S; DEVIflex™ 6T; DEVIflex™ 18T; DEVIsnow™ 30T; DEVIasphalt™ 300T; DEVIsafe™ 20T; DEVIbasic™ 10S; DEVIflex™ 30T; DEVIsnow™ 20T; DEVIflex™ 10T; DEVIasphalt™ 30T

Product details

Gross weight 1.376 Kilogram
Net weight 1.362 Kilogram
Volume 1.694 Liter
EAN 5703466214688


Application Asphalt ice and snow melting
Floor heating
Cold store
Ground ice and snow melting
Cable length [m] 25 m
China RoHS compliance Out of scope
Description DEVIfast 25m Metal, In box
EU RoHS compliance Out of scope
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Length [m] 25 m
Package depth [mm] 246 mm
Package height [mm] 27 mm
Package width [mm] 255 mm
Packing quantity 1
Product group Accessories
Type Easy Installation
UK RoHS compliance Out of scope
UNSPSC CODE 40101830
Used for product DEVIbasic™ 10S
DEVIbasic™ 20S
DEVIflex™ 6T
DEVIflex™ 10T
DEVIflex™ 18T
DEVIflex™ 30T
DEVIsafe™ 20T
DEVIsnow™ 20T
DEVIsnow™ 30T
DEVIasphalt™ 30T
DEVIasphalt™ 300T
Warranty type 2-year product warranty


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