Thermostatic expansion valve, TE 2, R134a/R513A


Temperature range [°C]: -40 - 10, MOP Point [°C]: 15, Pressure equalization: Externally equalized

Product details

Gross weight 0.318 Kg
Net weight 0.291 Kg
Volume 0.49 Liter
EAN 5702422124627


Approval EAC
Body material Brass
Capillary tube length [in] 59 in
Capillary tube length [mm] 1500 mm
China RoHS compliance Yes exceed limitations
Connection material Brass
Direction Angleway
Equalization connection type Flare
Equalization size [in] 1/4 in
EU RoHS compliance Yes with exemptions
EU RoHS exemption clause 6(a), 6(c)
Flow direction Single-flow
Flow direction indicator Embossed 1-way arrow
Fluid Group 2
Identical product 068Z3536
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Inlet connection type Flare
Inlet size [in] 3/8 in
Max. Working Pressure [bar] 34 bar
Max. Working Pressure [psig] 500 psig
MOP Point [psig] MOP 55
MOP Point [°C] 15 °C
MOP Point [°F] 60 °F
Outlet connection type Flare
Outlet size [in] 1/2 in
Packing format Multi pack
Parts included Bulb strap
Parts Program name T2/TE2
PED category Art. 4, par. 3
Pressure equalization Externally equalized
Product accessories TXV accessories
Product group Expansion valves
Product Name Description Thermostatic expansion valve
Quantity per packing format 20 pc
Rated cap. cond. Range N [IMP] OS=10.8 ºF
tcond=100 ºF
tevap=40 ºF
tliq=98 ºF
Rated cap. cond. Range N [SI] OS=6K
tcond=38 ºC
tevap=4.4 ºC
tliq=37 ºC
REACH Candidate List substances Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1)
Refrigerants R134a/R513A
SCIP dossier no. 6450ee16-252d-49df-8f77-4136a47bb857
SCIP dossier product name T2/TE2
Serviceable TXV spare parts
Static Superheat (SS) [°C] 4 °C
Static Superheat (SS) [°F] 7.2 °F
Superheat setting Adjustable
Temperature range [°C] [max] 10 °C
Temperature range [°C] [min] -40 °C
Temperature range [°F] [max] 50 °F
Temperature range [°F] [min] -40 °F
Type TE 2
UA address UA_2L.png
UK RoHS compliance Out of scope


Spare Parts






Software and firmware to extend functionality