FC 51 的附件



VLT® Control Panel LCP 11 w/o potmeter

用于 VLT® Micro Drive FC51 的本地控制面板。机箱 IP20/前盖 IP54。带有快捷菜单的数字型 LCP,用于调试和本地控制。状态读取,手动/自动选择,复位和导航键,复制和参数存储功能。


LCP Remote Mounting Kit,w/ 3m cable

Remote installation kit for VLT Micro Drive FC 51 for installing an LCP
11 or LCP
12 control unit in a control cabinet door or similar. (can also be
Contains fastening elements, seal and 3 m connection cable with plugs.
LCP is not included in the scope of delivery.


Decoupling Plate Mounting Kit, M1, M2

EMC Disconnect Kit for VLT Micro Drive FC-051
For enclosure sizes M1 and M2.
Product group: M


DIN Rail Mounting Kit, M1, M2

DIN rail adapter for VLT Micro Drive FC 51 only for size M1. For time-saving installation
on 35mm standard top hat rails (DIN EN 50022).
Minimum delivery quantity: 24 (in a collective box with individual packaging)