brake res,3hp,460v,5% duty cyc
brake res,3hp,460v,5% duty cyc


Type: BWD500210
for VLT types: FCD322 / 2815 (380-480V) / 5004 (380-500V) / FC300 PK55
(200-240V) / FC300P2K2 (380-480 / 500V)
(hereinafter general technical data on the braking resistor,
Duty cycle / braking power depends on the frequency converter
Nominal power: 200W
Resistance value: 210Ohm
Braking power:
40% ED / cycle time 120s 400W
30% ED / cycle time 120s 500W
20% ED / cycle time 120s 700W
10% ED / cycle time 120s 1200W
5% ED / cycle time 120s 2000W
2% ED / cycle time 120s 4000W
Degree of protection: IP65
Dimensions HxWxD: 216 x 80 x 15mm
Weight: 0.6kg

Product details

Gross weight 0.64 kg
Net weight 0.6 kg
Volume 0.415 l
EAN 5702427041431

Brake Resistor

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