4-way reversing valve, STF-0101G3


Medium temperature range [°C]: -20 - 120, MaxOPD [bar]: 31.0, MinODP [bar]: 3.000, Discharge conn size [in]: 5/16, Design config. Style: A

Product details

Gross weight 0.401 Kg
Net weight 0.25 Kg
Volume 3.726 Liter
EAN 5702428273596


Ambient temperature range [°C] [max] 55 °C
Ambient temperature range [°C] [min] -20 °C
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Max] 131 °F
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Min] -4 °F
Approval CE
Cap condition 1 [°C] 0°C sub-cooling
38°C condensing
5°C evaporating
5°C super-heat
Cap condition 2 [°C] 54,4 °C condensing
5°C sub-cooling
5°C super-heat
7,2°C evaporating
Cap R407C@Δp:0.1bar(cond1)[kW] 3.76 kW
Cap R407C@Δp:0.1bar(cond2)[kW] 3.48 kW
Cap R407C@Δp:0.2bar(cond1)[kW] 5.3 kW
Cap R407C@Δp:0.2bar(cond2)[kW] 4.9 kW
Cap R410A@Δp:0.1bar(cond1)[kW] 4.61 kW
Cap R410A@Δp:0.1bar(cond2)[kW] 4.16 kW
Cap R410A@Δp:0.2bar(cond1)[kW] 6.5 kW
Cap R410A@Δp:0.2bar(cond2)[kW] 5.87 kW
China RoHS compliance Out of scope
Coil No
Design config. Style A
Discharge conn size [in] 5/16
Discharge conn size [mm] 8.1 mm
Discharge conn type Female
EU RoHS compliance Out of scope
Evap/cond conn size [in] 3/8
Evap/cond conn size [mm] 9,7
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Max. Leakage [cm³/min] 1000 cm³/min
MaxOPD [bar] 31 bar
MaxOPD [psig] 450 psig
Medium temperature range [°C] [Max] 120 °C
Medium temperature range [°C] [Min] -20 °C
Medium temperature range [°F] [Max] 248 °F
Medium temperature range [°F] [Min] -4 °F
MinODP [bar] 3 bar
MinODP [psi] 44 psi
Packing format Industrial pack
Process connection material Copper
Product Group 4-way reversing valves
Product Name Description 4-way reversing valve
Quantity per packing format 4 pc
REACH Candidate List substances 0.1 No
Refrigerants R134a
Shock resistance standard JIS C 60068-2-27
Suction conn size [in] 3/8
Suction conn size [mm] 9.7 mm
Type STF
Type designation STF-0101G3
UK RoHS compliance Out of scope
Vibration stability [m/s²] 19.6 m/s²
Vibration test standard JIS C 60068-2-6


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