Accessories for Low Voltage Drives

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VLT® Encoder Input MCB 102, uncoated

Offers the possibility to connect various types of incremental and
absolute encoders. The connected encoder can be used for closed-loop
speed control as well as closed-loop flux motor control.


LCP Mounting Kit, w/ no LCP

The kit includes fasteners, 3m cable and gasket - There is no LCP


VLT® EtherNet/IP MCA 121, uncoated

MCA 121 EtherNet / IP interface
-Allows connection to EtherNet / IP based Automation systems via CIP (CommonInterface Protocol)
-2 port design reduces external components
-HTTP for diagnosis via built-in web server
-SMTP, DHCP and FTP protocols
-Prepared for parameterization with the MCT 10 software via TCP / IP
-Certified according to ODVA


VLT® Safe PLC I/O MCB 108, uncoated

Connection converter for FC 300 with control input for a safe stop. Allows secure connection.
Output modules with diagnostic pulse (Cross-circuit monitoring).


VLT® Control Panel LCP 101, numeric

Numerical control unit for FC 100 and FC 300. Allows access to all device parameters.
Quick menu for brief commissioning. Manual / auto switchover and alarm acknowledgment.


VLT® General Purpose I/O MCB 101,unctd

MCB 101 - Advanced I / O option
Expands the number of freely programmable Control inputs and outputs around the following I / Os:
- 3 digital inputs opto-decoupled 0 - 24 V.
- 2 analog inputs 0 - 10 V.
- 2 digital outputs NPN / PNP switchable 24 V
- 1 analog output 0/4 - 20 mA


VLT® Resolver Input MCB 103, uncoated

Enables connection of a resolver to provide speed feedback from the
motor. Spring loaded connection.


LCP Mounting Kit FC IP55/66, 8m

The kit includes fasteners, 8m cable, gasket and a blind cover to ensure IP55/ 66
after the LCP has been mounted elsewhere. The 8m cable is open in one end and the
connector block is included in the package. No LCP included.


IP 21/Type 1 conversion kit, top, A2

This is only the top part of the kit - If you need a kit with both top and bottom please order 130B1122


IP 21/Type 1 conversion kit, top, A3

This is only the top part of the kit - If you need a kit with both top and bottom please order 130B1123


VLT® Motion Control MCO 305, uncoated

Integrated and programmable motion controller for VLT ® AutomationDrive FC 301 and FC 302
- Adds additional functionality and flexibility as it is a freely programmable module
- Optimized for all types of positioning and synchronization applications
- Make your own program specially adapted to your application
- synchronization (electronic shaft), positioning and electronic cam control
- 2 inputs support both stepwise and absolute encoders
- 1 encoder output (virtual master function)
10 digital inputs
8 digital outputs
- Sends and receives data via fieldbus interface (requires fieldbus Option)
- PC software for programming and commissioning.
Remember to order the Mounting kit if the above MCO option is required retrofitted.
130B7530 - Mounting kit for enclosures A2 and A3
130B7531 - Mounting kit for MCO Option, together with MCB 113, in enclosures A2 and A3.
130B1413 - Mounting kit for enclosure B3
130B1414 - Mounting kit for MCO Option, together with MCB 113, in enclosure B3
130B7532 - Mounting kit for enclosure A5
130B7533 - Mounting kit for all enclosures B, C, D, E and F (B3 excepted)
Danfoss MCO options are not sold without prior advice. Danfoss can offer help with
programming / setting up MCO options. Contact Danfoss for advice and prices.
Product group: R



MCA 120 PROFINET interface
-Supports operation on PROFINET network with extensive properties
-DCP support for easy setting u. Communication parameters via the PLC
- On Board web-Page with Drive Status
- Parameterization with the MCT10 software
- 2 port version, reduced external hardware


VLT® PTC Thermistor Card MCB 112, ctd

MCB 112 PTC - thermistor relay MS220DA In connection with ATEX certified explosion-proof
motors for full motor protection. Certified PTC sensors are the sole protection required.
Integrable module with ATEX-compliant full thermal motor protection
1 PTB-certified PTC thermistor input
1 switch-off signal for using the Safe Stop function
1 logic output for error identification


VLT® Analog I/O Option MCB 109, unctd

I / O expansion for FC 100, through modular technology easy to retrofit. Analog inputs/outputs
galvanically isolated.
Expands the analog inputs / outputs by:
3 analog inputs: 0 ... 10V / Pt1000 / Ni1000
3 analog outputs: 0 ... 10V
Time switch (RTC backup): lithium cell for 10 years


VLT® BACnet MCA 109, uncoated

Open communication protocol dedicated to building automation
- Efficient integration of all parts of building automation equipment
- BACnet: standard for building automation worldwide
- International standard ISO 16484-5
- can be used in all sizes of building automation systems
- the Drive communicates easily with construction management systems running the
BACnet protocol
- can be easily integrated into the network of existing control equipment
Product group: R1


VLT® Synchronizing Contr. MCO350,unctd

Expands the functional properties of the VLT® AutomationDrive in
synchronizing applications, and replaces traditional mechanical
solutions. Speed synchronizing. Position (angle) synchronizing with or
without marker correction. Online adjustable gear ratio. Online
adjustable position (angle) offset. Encoder output with virtual master
function for synchronization of multiple followers. Control via I/Os or
fieldbus. Home function. Configuration as well as read-out of status and
data via the Local Control Panel of the drive.