ECflex 10T, 80.00 m, 230 V, 795 W, ECtemp Touch
ECflex 10T, 80.00 m, 230 V, 795 W, ECtemp Touch


ECflex 10T 795W 230V 80m ECtemp Touch


Bruttovikt 5.41 kg
Nettovikt 5.36 kg
EAN 5703466235669


2-pole switch nej
Battery backup ja
Bending diameter [mm] [Min] 42 mm
Beskrivning ECflex 10T 795W 230V 80m ECtemp Touch
Cable on drum nej
Cable output [W/m] 10 W/m
Cable resistance [Ohm] 66.9 Ohm
Cable screen Alufoil 100%
Cold lead ja
Cold lead conductor quantity 2
Cold lead length [m] 2.3 m
Cold lead quantity 1
Cold lead size [mm²] 1.5 mm²
Cold lead type DTCL
Conductor insulation XLPE
Cut to length nej
Deformation strength [N] 1500 N
DIN mounting nej
Displaytyp Pekskärm
Drifttemperatur [°C] [Max] 75 °C
Element IP Class IPX7
Flamhämmande ja
Frost protection [°C] 5 °C
Föroreningsgrad 2
Heating output [W] 795 W
Heating principle Serial resistive
Inductive load cos φ= 0.3 max 1A
Installation temperature [°C] [Min] -5 °C
Kabeldiameter [mm] 6.9 mm
Kabellängd [m] 80 m
Kabeltyp Twin conductor
Kultryckstest temperatur [°C] 75 °C
Lagringstemperatur [°C] [Max] 65 °C
Lagringstemperatur [°C] [Min] -20 °C
Lead free ja
Matningsspänning [V] AC 230 V
Non operating temperature [°C] [Max] 90 °C
Omgivande temperatur [°C] [Max] 30 °C
Omgivande temperatur [°C] [Min] 0 °C
Outer sheath PVC
Outer sheath colour Red
Produktgrupp Heating Cables
Produktnamn ECflex 10T w/ECtemp Touch
Programvaruklass A
Pulling strength [N] 500 N
Reglertyp PWM
Relay switch 1-pole
Resistive load max [A] 16
Sensor definition point [Ohm/°C] 15kΩ / 25°C
Set accessories ECtemp Touch
Standby power consumption [W] [Max] 0.4 W
Temperaturbegränsare [°C] [Max] 45 °C
Temperaturbegränsare [°C] [Min] 5 °C
Temperature - floor [°C] [Max] 45 °C
Temperature - floor [°C] [Min] 5 °C
Temperature - room [°C] [Max] 35 °C
Temperature - room [°C] [Min] 5 °C
Temperature max. limiter [°C] [Max] 35 °C
Temperature max. limiter [°C] [Min] 20 °C
Temperature min. limiter [°C] [Max] 35 °C
Temperature min. limiter [°C] [Min] 10 °C
Terminal cable size max [mm²] 2 x 2.5
Termostat IP klass 21
Typ ECflex 10T
Typ av givare NTC
UV Protected nej
Warranty [Year] 20








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