DEVIaqua™ 9T, 60.00 m, 230 V, 540 W
DEVIaqua™ 9T, 60.00 m, 230 V, 540 W


E-nummer: 8977135

DEVIaqua 9T 540W 230V 60m


Bruttovikt 4.03 kg
Nettovikt 3.99 kg
EAN 5703466201657


Bending diameter [mm] [Min] 50 mm
Beskrivning DEVIaqua 9T 540W 230V 60m
Cable on drum nej
Cable output [W/m] 9 W/m
Cable resistance [Ohm] 98 Ohm
Cable screen Copper braid
Certification company Intertek Semko
Cold lead ja
Cold lead conductor quantity 3
Cold lead length [m] 2.3 m
Cold lead quantity 1
Cold lead size [mm²] 1.5 mm²
Cold lead type DTCL
Conductor insulation XLPE
Cut to length nej
Deformation strength [N] 1500 N
Drifttemperatur [°C] [Max] 65 °C
Element IP Class IPX7
Heating output [W] 540 W
Heating principle Serial resistive
Installation temperature [°C] [Min] -5 °C
Kabeldiameter [mm] 7 mm
Kabellängd [m] 60 m
Kabeltyp Twin conductor
Lead free ja
Matningsspänning [V] AC 230 V
Non operating temperature [°C] [Max] 85 °C
Outer sheath MDPE
Outer sheath colour Light blue
Paket, bredd [mm] 380 mm
Paket, djup [mm] 380 mm
Paket, höjd [mm] 120 mm
Produktgrupp Heating Cables
Produktnamn DEVIaqua™ 9T
Pulling strength [N] 650 N
Typ DEVIaqua™ 9T
UV Protected ja
Vattentemperatur [°C] [Max] 23 °C
Warranty [Year] 20








Software and firmware to extend functionality