VLT® Soft Start Controller MCD 100

Toont 9 product (en)


MCD100-007 208-240V, 15 A SOFSTART

The MCD 100 soft starters are designed for soft starting
and stopping of 3 phase a.c. motors, thus reducing
the inrush current and eliminating the damaging
effects of high starting torque surges.
The digitally controlled soft starter features
accurate settings and easy installation. The
controller has individually adjustable acceleration
and deceleration times.

Thanks to the adjustable initial torque and the unique
breakaway (kick start) function the soft starter can
be optimized for almost any application.

The MCD 100 soft starters are typically used on
motor applications where a smooth stat and/or
stop is advantageous, such as conveyors, fans,
pumps, compressors and high inertia loads.
MCD 100 soft starters are also obvious as
replacement for star/delta starters.