Energiemeters, SonoMeter 30, 65 mm, 25.0, Verwarming, batterij 2 x AA, M-bus module
Energiemeters, SonoMeter 30, 65 mm, 25.0, Verwarming, batterij 2 x AA, M-bus module


Energy meter for commercial applications


Bruto gewicht 10.4 kg
Netto gewicht 9.21 kg
EAN 5702428536240


1 Primary battery SUM weight Kg 0.038 kg
1 Primary battery weight Kg 0.019 kg
Aansluittypen Flens
Approval authority MID
Approved meteorological range [°C] [Max] 130 °C
Approved meteorological range [°C] [Min] 5 °C
Batterij aantal 2
Battery type or Name AA Lithium
Battery: In scope of WEEE and contain batteries Yes
Beschrijving Energy meter for commercial applications
Diameter [mm] 65 mm
Displaytype LCD
Druk nominaal [bar] 25 bar
Dynamic range 1:100
Energie-eenheid MWh
Flowmeetprincipe Ultrasoon
Geïntegreerde communicatie 2 Pulse inputs/outputs
Installatie Return
Interface module slot 1 M-bus module
IP protection class IP65
Kabellengte tussen calculator en flow sensor [m] 2.5 m
Kvs-waarden [m³/u] 55.9 m³/h
Label product Yes
Lengte [mm] 300 mm
Levensduur accu [jaar] 11 yr
Log storage duration [Month] 36 mo
Media tijdelijke overbelastingstemperatuur [°C] 150 °C
Mediatemperatuur [°C] [Max] 130 °C
Mediatemperatuur [°C] [Min] 5 °C
Medium Water quality with pH 7 to 9.5
Nauwkeurigheid standaard Class 2 to EN1434
Omgevingsklasse E2/M1
Omgevingstemperatuur [°C] [Max] 55 °C
Omgevingstemperatuur [°C] [Min] 5 °C
Omgevingsvochtigheid [% RH] [Max] 93 % RH
Productgroep Energiemeters
qp [m³/h] 25 m³/h
qp [m³/h] [Max] 50 m³/h
REACH Candidate List substances >0.1% Lead
SCIP dossier file name Sonometer 30 HE
SCIP dossier no. 28811da4-4b68-41cb-9044-7fb3cff15420
SCIP dossier product name Sonometer 30 HE
Temperatuursensordiameter [mm] 5.2 mm
Temperatuursensoren kabellengte [m] 3 m
Temperatuursensoren type Pt 500
Toepassing Verwarming
Type SonoMeter 30
Voedingsspanning [V] DC 3.6 V
Voedingsspanningtype batterij 2 x AA


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