AFD, 0.50 - 3.00 bar, 80 cm²


AFD PB25 0,5-3 80cm2 yellow

제품 세부정보

총 중량 7.086 Kg
순중량 6.497 Kg
Volume 25.668 Liter
EAN 5702421808177


Actuator diaphragm material EPDM (Rolling, fibre enforced)
Actuator size [cm²] 80 cm²
Diameter [mm] [Max] 125 mm
Diameter [mm] [Min] 15 mm
Differential pressure setting [bar] [Max] 3 bar
Differential pressure setting [bar] [Min] 0.5 bar
Flow control 없음
Flow limitation 없음
Media pH [Max] 10
Media pH [Min] 7
Medium alternative Glycolic water up to 30%
Mounting version Flow
Operating pressure [bar] [Max] 25 bar
Permissible media District heating/cooling circulation water
Pressure controller Pressure reduction controller
Pressure nominal [bar] 25 bar
Pressure setting range [bar] [Max] 3 bar
Pressure setting range [bar] [Min] 0.5 bar
REACH 후보 목록 물질 Lead
SCIP 서류 제품 이름 AFD/A
Setting type 가변의
매질 온도 [°C] [최대] 150 °C
매질 온도 [°C] [최소] 2 °C
본체재료 Steel, mat. No 1.0338, zinc plated
설명 AFD PB25 0,5-3 80cm2 yellow
제품군 Actuators - Pressure Flow
형식 AFD


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