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VLT® Control Panel LCP 102 IP66

LCP 102 - graphic control unit for FC100 / 200/300, degree of protection IP66


Provides wide compatibility, a high level of availability, support for
all major PLC vendors and compatibility with future versions. Fast,
efficient communication, transparent installation, advanced diagnosis
and parameterization and auto-configuration of process data using GSD-
file. Acyclic parameterization using PROFIBUS DP-V1, ¬PROFIdrive or
Danfoss FC profile state machines, PROFIBUS DP-V1, Master Class 1 and 2.

LCP102 Control Panel for FC100/200/300

Graphic operating unit LCP102 Illuminated graphic display with plain
text. Supports all languages and characters. Quick menu for brief
commissioning.Saving and copying parameter sets.Online help for each

Mounting Brackets, 40mm, 2 pcs

Mounting Brackets, 40mm, 2 pcs

Mounting Bracket, 5mm 2 pcs

Mounting Bracket, 5mm 2 pcs

LCP 31 Cable, 3m

Pre-assembled cable between display and FCD302

Brake Resistor, 1750 ohm, 10W/100%
Brake Resistor, 350 ohm, 10W/100%

Braking resistor for internal assembly 350Ohm, 10W / 100%

VLT(r) Encoder Input MCB 102, FCD302
VLT(r) Resolver Input MCB 103, FCD302