VLT® Line reactor MCC 103 - line reactor for load sharing

MCC 103 line reactor is specially designed to match the Danfoss
frequency converters VLT® AutomationDrive, VLT® AQUA Drive and VLT® HVAC
Drive in applications using load sharing. Use the MCC 103 line reactor
for up to 500V mains supply with 50 Hz or 60 Hz mains frequency. The MCC
103 line reactor is available with IP00 enclosure protection.

Rated voltage: 380-500 V
Rated frequency: 50-60 Hz
Rated current 2.3 A
Inductance L: 3200 uH
Winding resistance: 370 m-Ohm
L tolerance: ±10%
Mains connection - type: Screw terminal
Mains connection - dimension: 4 mm2
Mains connection - tightening torque: 0.5-1.0 Nm
PE connection - type: 2 x faston terminal
PE connection - dimension: 6.3 x 0.8
Ambient temperature without derating: -10 to +45 C°
Derating > 45°C: 2.5%/K
Derating > 1km: 5%/1km
Type of cooling: Cooled by natural convection
Operating conditions: Permanent operation with 100% load
Weight: 0.53 kg
Dimensions - HxWxD: 102x78x56 mm
Enclosure degree: IP00
Mounting : Vertical or horizontal

제품 세부정보

총 중량 0.53 kg
순중량 0.53 kg
Volume 1.464 l

DD Power Options Class

Product Series VLT® Line Reactor


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