Temperature sensor, MBT 5410, Pt


Sensor elem. resistance [Ohm]: 100

Product details

Gross weight 0.678 Kg
Net weight 0.599 Kg
Volume 2.514 Liter
EAN 5702423141630


Ambient temperature max. [°C] 85 °C
Ambient temperature max. [°F] 185 °F
Electrical connection Box (metal/plastic)
Electrical connection size 2 terminals
Enclosure rating IP IP67
Insertion length [in] 2.36 in
Insertion length [mm] 60 mm
Insertion type Fixed
Number of terminals [pcs] 3 pc
Output signal [mA] [Max] 20 mA
Output signal [mA] [Min] 4 mA
Packing format Multi pack
Product group Sensors
Product Name Description Temperature sensor
Protection tube diameter [in] 0.4 in
Protection tube diameter [mm] 10 mm
Protection tube material AISI 316 Ti
Quantity per packing format 8 pc
REACH Candidate List substances Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1)
Dodecamethylcyclohexasiloxane (D6, CAS no. 540-97-6)
Sensor elem. resistance [Ohm] 100
Sensor element [pc] 1 pc
Sensor element standard EN 60751
Sensor element tolerance Class B
Sensor element type Pt
Sensor Insert Exchangeable
Transmitter setting range [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Transmitter setting range [°C] [Min] -50 °C
Transmitter setting range [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Transmitter setting range [°F] [Min] -58 °F
Transmitter type Standard
Type MBT 5410
Type designation MBT 5410-000-060-000-G405
Wires [pcs] 2 pc


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