Pressure transmitter, MBS 9200, 0.00 bar - 0.25 bar, 0.00 psi - 3.63 psi


Pressure connection type: G, Pressure connection size: 1/4

Product details

Gross weight 0.175 Kg
Net weight 0.161 Kg
Volume 0.253 Liter
EAN 5702428870085


+ supply Pin 1
- common Pin 2
Acc. @ ref. Temp. ±FS typ. [%] 0.5 %
Ambient temperature range [°C] [max] 100 °C
Ambient temperature range [°C] [min] -25 °C
Burst pressure [bar] 50 bar
Compensated temp. range [°C] [Max] 80 °C
Compensated temp. range [°C] [Min] 0 °C
Durability P @ 10-90% FS 10000000
Electrical conn. Male/Female Male
Electrical connection Angular connector
Electrical connection size Pg 9
Electrical connection standard EN 175301-803-A
Enclosure rating IP IP65
Hysteresis and repeat. ±FS[%] 0.1 %
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Intrinsically safe No
Medium temperature range [°C] [Max] 125 °C
Medium temperature range [°C] [Min] -20 °C
Mount.pos. err. @ 180° ±FS(%) 0.2 %
Non-linearity BFSL ±FS [%] 0.2 %
Output signal Current
Output signal [mA] [Max] 20 mA
Output signal [mA] [Min] 4 mA
Overload pressure max. [bar] 3.5 bar
Packing format Multi pack
Pressure connection HEX [mm] 27 mm
Pressure connection notes A
Pressure connection size 1/4
Pressure connection standard DIN 3852-E
Pressure connection type G
Pressure Male/Female Male
Pressure range [bar] [Max] 0.25 bar
Pressure range [bar] [Min] 0 bar
Pressure range [psi] [Max] 3.63 psi
Pressure range [psi] [Min] 0 psi
Pressure unit reference Gauge (relative)
Product Group Sensors
Product Name Description Pressure transmitter
Pulse-snubber No
Quantity per packing format 20 pc
REACH Candidate List substances 0.1 Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1)
Dodecamethylcyclohexasiloxane (D6, CAS no. 540-97-6)
Recommen. mounting torque [Nm] 25 nm
Reference temperature [°C] 25 °C
SCIP dossier no. 16d2efc6-64f3-4a4e-ae98-a3fd7ce0218d
Specification key MBS 9200-B511-A1GB04-1
Storage temperature range [°C] [Max] 125 °C
Storage temperature range [°C] [Min] -40 °C
Storage temperature range [°F] [Max] 257 °F
Storage temperature range [°F] [Min] -40 °F
Supply voltage [V] DC [max] 32 V
Supply voltage [V] DC [max] 32 V
Supply voltage [V] DC [min] 9 V
Supply voltage [V] DC [min] 9 V
TEB inside CTR ±FS [%] 1.5 %
Type MBS 9200


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