iSave 40
iSave 40

Speed [rpm] [Min]: 600, Speed [rpm] [Max]: 1200, 41, 181.0

Product details

Gross weight 385 kg
Net weight 290.19 kg


Allowable working torque [lb-ft] [Max] 75 lbf∙ft
Allowable working torque [Nm] [Max] 102 N-m
Ambient temperature [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Ambient temperature [°C] [Min] 0 °C
Ambient temperature [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Ambient temperature [°F] [Min] 32 °F
Base frame Stainless
Country of origin Denmark
Description iSave with IEC motor
Differential pressure HP in out [barg] [Max] 5 barg
Differential pressure HP in out [psig] [Max] 72 psig
Drain connection size [in] 1/4 in
Drain connection standard BSPP
Drain connection type BSPP
Flow [gpm] [Min] 92 gal/min
Flow [m³/h] [Min] 21 m3/h
HP inlet connection size [in] 3 in
HP Inlet connection standard Victaulic
HP inlet pressure [barg] [Max] 83 barg
HP inlet pressure [barg] [Min] 20 barg
HP inlet pressure [psig] [Max] 1200 psig
HP inlet pressure [psig] [Min] 290 psig
HP inlet pressure, intermittent [barg] [Min] 3 barg
HP inlet pressure, intermittent [psig] [Min] 44 psig
HP out flow [gpm] [Max] 181 gal/min
HP out flow [m³/h] [Max] 41 m3/h
HP outlet connection size [in] 3 in
HP Outlet connection standard Victaulic
HP outlet pressure [barg] [Max] 83 barg
HP outlet pressure [psig] [Max] 1200 psig
IP protection class IP55
LP in out @ max flow [psig] 18 psig
LP in out @ max. flow [barg] 1 barg
LP inlet allowable working flow [gpm] [Max] 295 gal/min
LP inlet allowable working flow [m³/h] [Max] 67 m3/h
LP inlet connection size [in] 3 in
LP Inlet connection standard Victaulic
LP inlet pressure [barg] [Max] 5 barg
LP inlet pressure [psig] [Max] 72 psig
LP Inlet pressure peak [barg] 10 barg
LP Inlet pressure peak [psig] 145 barg
LP outlet connection size [in] 3 in
LP outlet pressure [barg] [Min] 1 barg
LP outlet pressure [psig] [Min] 15 psig
Lubrication flow at 60 [m³/h] [Max] 0.8 m3/h
Lubrication flow at 871 [gpm] [Max] 3.5 gal/min
Material type Duplex
Super Duplex
Media temperature [°C] [Max] 40 °C
Media temperature [°C] [Min] 2 °C
Media temperature [°F] [Max] 104 °F
Media temperature [°F] [Min] 36 °F
Motor ambient temperature [°C] [Max] 40 °C
Motor ambient temperature [°F] [Max] 104 °F
Motor current [A] 22 A
Motor frame Size 160L
Motor insulation class B
Motor poles 6
Motor standard IEC
Motor torque at min. speed [Nm] 95 N-m
Motor torque at min. speed [Nmlbf*fl] 70 ft lb
Motor torque at nom. speed [Nm] 108 N-m
Motor Torque at nom. speed [Nmlbf*fl] 80 ft lb
Motor voltage 380-420V/660720V, 50 Hz
440-480V, 60 Hz
Mounting orientation Vertical
Product group Energy Recovery Device
Product name iSave
Rated power [HP] 15 hp
Rated power [kW] 11 kW
Seal Material NBR
Serviceable Yes
Sound pressure level [dB(A)] 84 dBA
Speed [rpm] [Max] 1200 rpm
Speed [rpm] [Min] 600 rpm
Starting torque [Nm] [Max] 150 N-m
Starting torque [Nmlbf*fl] [Max] 110 ft lb
Type iSave 40
Type designation ISAVE 40


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