Spare Parts for Radiator Valves

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Accessories, Valves, RA

Mounting tool for RA valves

Accessories, Valves, RA

Gland seal for RA 2000 Valves, 10 pcs.

Accessories, Valves, RA

18 mm extension for RA valves

Accessories, Valve insert, RA-KE, All sizes

Insert for RA-KE manifold valves and RA-15/6T (TB) lance valves

Accessories, Valve insert, RA-FN, DN 15; DN 20; DN 25

Insert for older RA-FN valves, produced before 06/1991

Accessories, Valve insert, RA-N; RA-UN; RTD-N, DN 10; DN 15

Insert for RA-N, RTD-N and RA-UN valves, UK versions

Accessories, Valve insert, RA-FN, DN 15

Insert for new RA-FN valves, produced after 06/1991