Frequency converter
VACON 100 Industrial
380-500 Vac, 261 Amp, IP00
Graphical Keypad MK01
C3 Commercial&Industry Environ
B Slot: F3,3 Relay board
C Slot: B4,AI,2AO(mA,isol),+24V/EXT
D Slot: No board
E Slot: BJ,STO, ATEX therm
Fieldbus: Std protocol,Modbus,N2,BacNet
Manual: English
Frame 09
Other options according to Model code

Model code: VACON0100-3L-0261-5+SCB4+SEBJ+IP00+LS60+LSUS+QFLG

Product details

Gross weight 108 kg
Net weight 107 kg
Volume 0 l
EAN 5714853402953

VACON 0100

Product Group VACON VACON
Product Series 0100 Vacon 100 series
Segment NONE VACON 100 Industrial
Customized +BM26 Vacon 100
Region Code -R00 R00 International
Mains voltage -5 380-500 Vac
Current rating -0261 261 Amp
Installation options -DM DM Drive Module
Enclosure +IP00 IP00
Control panel +HMGR Graphical Keypad MK01
EMC emission limit category +EMC3 C3 Commercial&Industry Environ
Common mode filter +P000 No Option (+P000)
DUT filter +P000 No Option (+P000)
Brake chopper +DBNO No dynamic braking device
Warrenty time +WT01 Warranty 12/18 months (+WT01)
Real time clock option +SRNO No Battery for real time clock
Power connections +P000 No Power options (+P000)
Main Circuit +M000 NONE
Cable entry +QGLM Metric conduit plate
Additional Equipment B +QFLG Flange Mounting option
Additonal Equipment C +Q000 No additonal option for Qxxx_C
Shipping package +GSCB Cardboard Box as Shipping pack
B-Slot Option Board +SBF3 F3,3 Relay board
C- Slot Option Board +SCB4 B4,AI,2AO(mA,isol),+24V/EXT
D-Slot Option Board +SD00 No board
E-Slot Option Board +SEBJ BJ,STO, ATEX therm
Internal FB selection +FBM1 Std protocol,Modbus,N2,BacNet
Document language preference +DLUK English
Documentation level +DPAP Paper Manuals
Firmware Language Pack +FL01 UK, DE, FI, SE, IT, FR lang
Application +A0000 No Application
Parameter Set +L0000 No application parameter set
Motor parameter default freq +LS60 60 Hz def motor freq settings
Unit for measure for display +LSUS US Customary Units of Measure
UL approval +GAUL UL Approval (+GAUL)
RCM Approval +GACT (+GACT) RCM Approval N16307
KC approval +GAKC KC Approval
EAC Approval +GAEA EAC Approval
CE approval +GACE CE Approval (+GACE)
Bypass Control Operation Mode NONE none_
Bypass Input Type NONE none_
Bypass power connection type NONE none_
Input Devices NONE none_
Common mode filter +P000 no option (+P000)
DU/DT filter, Sine filter +P000 no option (+P000)
DC power supply for aux device +C000 no option (+C000)
AC socket for aux devices +C000 no option (+C000)
Auxilary power supply +C000 no option (+C000)
Terminal Options NONE none_
Door Equipments +C000 no option (+C000)
Emergency stop options +C000 no option (+C000)
Insulation fault sensor +C000 no option (+C000)
Cabinet heater +C000 no option (+C000)
Cabinet light +C000 no option (+C000)
Motor heater control +C000 no option (+C000)
Empty extension segment NONE None
Standardized cabinet solution NONE None
Engineered cabinet solution NONE None
Marine construction +E000 no option
Cabling from top +C000 no option (+C000)
Back channel cooling +C000 no option (+C000)
Cabinet Plinth +C000 no option (+C000)
Phase -3L 3 Phase AC Input
Firmware +F0072 Vacon0100 Software package
Configurable power range NONE None
Max output frequency NONE None
Frame Size MR09 Frame 09
Marine approval NONE None
ATEX Approval NONE None
Calculated Gross Weight 108
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 107
check if complete OK
Continuous Current (HO) [A] 205
Continuous Current (NO) [A] 261
County Specific Approval NONE None
DDS Master Data key for MDS DDS0029
Dimensions WxHxD [mm] Gross 730X1310X570
Dimensions WxHxD [mm] net 550X1060X365
Help Counter 30
Help Counter 2
Labeling options +LPC1 no additional labels
Material Gross Weight 108
Material Net Weight 107
Modelcode01 VACON0100-3L-0261-5
Modelcode02 +SCB4+SEBJ+IP00+LS60+LSUS+QFLG
Motor Power High Overload [kW] 110
Motor Power HP High Overload 150
Motor Power HP Low Overload 200
Motor Power Low Overload [kW] 132
Product Catalog NO_VIEW NO VIEW
Product View (Switch) GLBL Global (Standard)
Recommended Factory ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor
Sub family identification NONE Normal customer ordered
Terminal Box +T000 NONE
Typecode Part 1 70-AB3L02615W09B030BM26
Typecode Part 2 -000052058
Ukrainian approval +GAUA Ukrainian Approval
Vendor ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor


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