CO2 Multi Ejector HP 1875 LE 400, CTM 6
CO2 Multi Ejector HP 1875 LE 400, CTM 6


Product name: CTM Combi valve, CO2 Multi Ejector HP 1875 LE 400, Max. Working Pressure [bar]: 140.0, Temperature range [°C] [Min]: -10, Temperature range [°C] [Max]: 50

Product details

Gross weight 11.9 kg
Net weight 9 kg
EAN 5702428997638


Actuator system [mm] 9 mm
Ambient temperature range [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Ambient temperature range [°C] [Min] -10 °C
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Min] -14 °F
Approval PED
Body material Aluminum Alloy
Capacity Mass flow [lb/h] 4134 lb/h
Capacity – Mass flow [kg/h] 1875 kg/h
Coil No
Conn. A size for brazing [in] 7/8 in
Conn. A size for welding [in] 3/4 in
Conn. A type for brazing ODF
Conn. C size for brazing [in] 7/8 in
Conn. C size for welding [in] 3/4 in
Conn. C type for brazing ODF
Connection B function High pressure inlet measuring
Connection D function Suction inlet measuring
Connection F function Receiver outlet measuring
Connection material Stainless steel
Connection Solder size [in] 7/8 in
Connection Solder size [mm] 22 mm
Connection Weld size [in] 3/4 in
Connection Weld size [mm] 19 mm
Connector A function High pressure inlet
Connector C function Suction inlet
Connector E function Receiver outlet
Connectors standard EN 10220
Ejector material Brass
Function NC
Liquid cap. - Mass flow [lb/h] 882 lb/h
Liquid cap. – Mass flow [kg/h] 400 kg/h
Lubricants compatibility POE
Mass flow conditions R744/1305 psig/95 °F
R744/90 bar/35 °C
Mass flow Ejector 1[kg/h] 125 kg/h
Mass flow Ejector 1[lb/h] 275.5 lb/h
Mass flow Ejector 2 [lb/h] 551 lb/h
Mass flow Ejector 2[kg/h] 250 kg/h
Mass flow Ejector 3 [kg/h] 500 kg/h
Mass flow Ejector 3 [lb/h] 1102 lb/h
Mass flow Ejector 4 [kg/h] 1000 kg/h
Mass flow Ejector 4 [lb/h] 2204 lb/h
Mass flow Ejector 5 [kg/h] 200 kg/h
Mass flow Ejector 5 [lb/h] 441 lb/h
Mass flow Ejector 6 [kg/h] 200 kg/h
Mass flow Ejector 6 [lb/h] 441 lb/h
Max. test pressure [bar] 200 bar
Max. test pressure [psig] 2716.645 psig
Max. Working Pressure [bar] 140 bar
Max. Working Pressure [psig] 2030 psig
Max.DeltaP E-C conn. [bar] 20 bar
Max.DeltaP E-C conn. [psig] 290 psi
MaxOPD [bar] 90 bar
MaxOPD [psig] 1220.806 psig
Media temperature range [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Media temperature range [°C] [Min] -10 °C
Media temperature range [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Media temperature range [°F] [Min] -14 °F
MinOPD [bar] 0.1 bar
MinOPD [psig] 1.356452 psig
Module 1 type 50 KW HP
Module 2 type 25 KW HP
Module 3 type 12 KW HP
Module 4 type 6 KW HP
Module 5 type 9 KW LIQ
Module 6 type 18 KW LIQ
Packing format Single pack
Parts Program name CTM
Pressure range category High Pressure
Product Group Multi ejectors
Product name CTM Combi valve
Quantity per packing format 1 pc
Refrigerant oil compatibility PAG
Refrigerants R744
Rel. Humidity [% RH] [Max] 100 %
Rel. Humidity [% RH] [Min] 0 %
Serviceable Multi Ejector spare parts
Temperature range [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Temperature range [°C] [Min] -10 °C
Temperature range [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Temperature range [°F] [Min] -23 °F
Type CTM 6
UL approved refrigerants R744


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