EvoFlat FSS, Type 3, 10 bar, 95 °C, DHW controller name: TPC-M, Thermostat


EvoFlat FSS 3, w/bypass, w/1 CW meter, w/EPP front

Product details

Gross weight 12.9 Kg
Net weight 11.7 Kg
Volume 84 Liter
EAN 5702424652890


Additional information EPP Front insulation cover
Connection direction Bottom
Cover material White-lacquered In wall
Cover option Extra
DCW static pressure [bar] [Min] 2 bar
Depth with cover [mm] 153 mm
Depth without cover [mm] 110 mm
Description EvoFlat FSS 3, w/bypass, w/1 CW meter, w/EPP front
DH connection size 3/4"
DH connection type G int. Thread
DH pipe size Ø18
DHW capacity [kW] [Max] 60 kW
DHW capacity [kW] [Min] 40 kW
DHW circulation Without
DHW connection size 3/4"
DHW connection type G int. Thread
DHW Control type Flow/thermostatic
DHW controller name TPC-M
DHW HEX type XB06H+ 60
DHW pipe size Ø18
Differential pressure controller Integrated
Fitting piece Energy meter return and cold water meter
HE connection size 3/4"
HE connection type G int. Thread
HE pipe size Ø18
Heat exchanger test pressure [bar] 38 bar
Heating capacity [kW] [Max] 15 kW
Heating capacity [kW] [Min] 10 kW
Heating circuit - control Thermostat
Heating control type Differential pressure
Heating controller name TPC-M
Heating system type Radiator heating
Height with cover [mm] 590 mm
Height without cover [mm] 590 mm
HEX heating alloy AISI 316
HEX heating brazing material Copper
HEX heating type Brazed
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Insulation material EPP cover
Number of households [Max] 4
Number of households [Min] 1
Package depth [mm] 600 mm
Package height [mm] 160 mm
Package width [mm] 800 mm
Pressure nominal primary [bar] 10 bar
Pressure nominal secondary [bar] 10 bar
Product group Small Stations
REACH Candidate List substances Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1)
Remarks Insulated Flatstations
Station size type Type 3
Supply temperature construction [˚C] 95 °C
Type EvoFlat FSS
Width with cover [mm] 545 mm
Width without cover [mm] 545 mm


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