PAHT G pumps, PAHT G 10


5.230, 21.63, 140, 2030, Velocidad [rpm] [Max]: 2400, 1000

Detalles del producto

Peso bruto 8.32 kg
Peso neto 8.25 kg


ATEX compliance No
Conexión de entrada estándar BSPP
Conexión estándar de salida BSPP
Descripción Pump for ultra pure water
Descripción del producto PAHT G pumps
Designación de tipo PAHT G 10
Displacement [cm³/rev] 10 cm³/rev
Displacement [in³/rev] 0.61 in³/rev
Drain connection size [in] 1/4 in
Drain connection standard BSPP
Flow [gpm] [Max] 5.23 gal/min
Flow [gpm] [Min] 1.98 gal/min
Flow [l/min] [Max] 21.63 L/min
Flow [l/min] [Min] 7.63 L/min
Grupo de productos Bomba
Inlet pressure [barg] [Max] 4 barg
Inlet pressure [barg] [Min] 0 barg
Inlet pressure [psig] [Max] 58 psig
Inlet pressure [psig] [Min] 0 psig
Inlet pressure peak [barg] [Max] 4 barg
Inlet pressure peak [psig] [Max] 58 psig
Material de sellado NBR
Material del cuerpo AISI 304
Outlet pressure [barg] [Max] 140 barg
Outlet pressure [barg] [Min] 10 barg
Outlet pressure [psig] [Max] 2030 psig
Outlet pressure [psig] [Min] 145 psig
Outside dimensions of packaging LxWxH [in] 10,7x5,9x5,4
Outside dimensions of packaging LxWxH [mm] 274x151x137
País de origen Dinamarca
Reparable Spare parts PAHT G 10/12.5
Sound pressure level [dB(A)] 75 dBA
Speed continuous [rpm] [Min] 1000 rpm
Tamaño de conexión de entrada [in] 3/4 in
Tamaño de conexión de salida [in] 3/8 in
Temperatura ambiente [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Temperatura ambiente [°C] [Min] 0 °C
Temperatura ambiente [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Temperatura ambiente [°F] [Min] 32 °F
Temperatura del medio [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Temperatura del medio [°C] [Min] 2 °C
Temperatura del medio [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Temperatura del medio [°F] [Min] 36 °F
Tipo PAHT G 10-12.5
Tipo conex. entrada Rosca
Tipo conex. salida Rosca
Tipo de conexión de drenaje Rosca
Velocidad [rpm] [Max] 2400 rpm
Velocidad [rpm] [Min] 1000 rpm








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