AVPBT-F PN25 15/2,5 0,5 thread return

Product details

Gross weight 3.12 kg
Net weight 3.12 kg
EAN 5702421541050


Application District Heating
Cavitation factor 0.6
Cavitation factor 100% 0.31
Cavitation factor 25% 0.58
Cavitation factor 50% 0.53
Cavitation factor 75% 0.51
Connection size G 3/4 A
Connection types External Thread
Description AVPBT-F PN25 15/2,5 0,5 thread return
Diameter [mm] 15 mm
Differential pressure range [bar] [Max] 20 bar
Differential pressure setting [bar] [Max] 0.5 bar
Differential pressure setting [bar] [Min] 0.5 bar
dPb virtual 0.2
Flow control No
Flow limitation Yes
Flow rate [m3/h] 1.4 m³/h
Flow rate [m3/h] [Max] 1.6 m³/h
Flow rate [m3/h] [Min] 0.07 m³/h
Function Diff. press. and temp. contr. with flow limi.
Function VSP - P Yes
Function VSP - Q Yes
Function VSP - T No
Kvs values [m³/h] 2.5 m³/h
Leakage rate [% Kvs] 0.02
Manufacturer's name Danfoss
Media pH [Max] 10
Media pH [Min] 7
Media temperature [°C] [Max] 150 °C
Media temperature [°C] [Min] 2 °C
Medium alternative Glycolic water up to 30%
Mounting version Return
Number of ports 2
Permissible media Circulation water
PN alternative VSP 16
Pressure controller Differential pressure controller
Pressure nominal [bar] 25 bar
Product group Pressure flow controllers
Setting type Fixed
Stem position Normally open
Valve body material Red bronze CuSn5ZnPb (Rg5)
Valve cone DP material Dezincing free brass CuZn36Pb2As


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