Product details

Gross weight 9.5 Kg
Net weight 9.5 Kg
EAN 5706560369452


ABC Classification C
Approval type GOST/Russia
PED 97/23/EC
PED 97/23/EC GOST/Russia SVGW/Switzerland VA/Denmark
Assembly site Gemina Termix/Denmark/Herning
Bolt holes mounting brackets diameter [mm] 8.5 mm
Brazing material Copper
Brazing material weight [Kg] 0.015 kg
Channel volume per pcs side 1 [l] 0.06 L
Channel volume per pcs side 2 [l] 0.06 L
Channel volume total side 1 [l] 3.54 L
Channel volume total side 2 [l] 3.6 L
Connection diameter side 1 [mm] 19 mm
Connection diameter side 2 [mm] 19 mm
Connection length side 1 [mm] 20 mm
Connection length side 2 [mm] 20 mm
Connection side 1 G 3/4
Connection side 2 G 3/4
Connection standard DIN ISO 228/1
Connection types Thread
Cover plate thickness front [mm] 1.5 mm
Cover plate thickness rear [mm] 1.5 mm
Description XB04-2-120
Flow type parallel
Heatsurface per plate [m²] 0.02 m2
Heatsurface total [m²] 2.4 m2
Horizontal center porthole [mm] 45 mm
Length between mounting holes [mm] 60 mm
Number of passes 2
Number of plates 120
Number of plates maximum 120
Plate length [mm] 290 mm
Plate material 1.4404
Plate pattern type Fishbone
Plate thickness [mm] 0.3 mm
Plate weight [Kg] 0.07 kg
Plate width [mm] 87 mm
Porthole diameter side 1 [mm] 21 mm
Porthole diameter side 2 [mm] 21 mm
Pressing depth [mm] 2 mm
Product Group Brazed Heat Exchangers
Product Status XP
Product type XB04-2
Remarks per channel
Test pressure side 1 [bar] [Max] 43 bar
Total depth [mm] 321 mm
Total height without feet [mm] 296 mm
Total width [mm] 93 mm
Type designation XB04-2
Vertical baseline to center porthole side 1 [mm] 180 mm
Vertical baseline to center porthole side 2 [mm] 180 mm
Vertical center porthole side 1 [mm] 248 mm
Width between mounting holes [mm] 60 mm
Working pressure side 1 [bar] [Max] 25 bar
Working pressure side 2 [bar] [Max] 25 bar
Working Temperature [°C] [Max] 180 °C
Working Temperature [°C] [Min] -10 °C