Spare Parts and Accessories for Contactors and Motor Starters

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Accessory, CBA-02

CBA-02 Aux. contact 2NC, CTI 25-45M/, Used for product: CTI 25M-MB

Accessory, CBA S-20

CBA S-20 Aux. contact 2NO,CTI 25-45M/.., Used for product: CBT S-;CTI 25M-MB

Accessory, CBN-22;CBN-11

CBN 11 Aux. Contact 1NO+1NC, CI 5, Used for product: CI 5-

Accessory, CBI 11

CBI-11 Aux. contact 1NO+1NC, CTI 15, Used for product: CTI 15

Accessory, CB-EM

CB-EM Aux. Contact - Early Make, Used for product: CI 6-50