Termix BVX RO T/E, Type 2-3, 10 bar, 100 °C, DHW controller name: AVTB 15, ECL310


Termix BVX RO T/E 2-3 (ECL 310/A237), with STW

Product details

Gross weight 150 Kg
Net weight 149 Kg
Volume 0.653 Cubic.mtr


Circulation connection size 3/4"
Circulation connection type G int. Thread
Circulation pipe size Ø18
Cover material White-lacquered steel sheet
Cover option Included
Depth with cover [mm] 640 mm
Depth without cover [mm] 570 mm
Description Termix BVX RO T/E 2-3 (ECL 310/A237), with STW
DH connection size 3/4"
DH connection type G int. Thread
DH pipe size Ø18
DHW circulation Included
DHW connection size 3/4"
DHW connection type G int. Thread
DHW Control type Thermostatic
DHW controller name AVTB 15
DHW pipe size Ø18
HE connection size 3/4"
HE connection type G int. Thread
HE pipe size Ø18
Heating circuit - control ECL310
Heating control type Electronic
Heating controller name ECL310
Height with cover [mm] 1870 mm
Height without cover [mm] 1830 mm
HEX heating brazing material Copper
HEX heating type Brazed
Hot water tank volume [l] 150 L
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Pressure nominal primary [bar] 10 bar
Product group Small Stations
REACH Candidate List substances Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1)
Station size type Type 2-3
Supply temperature construction [˚C] 100 °C
Tank material Enamelled steel
Type Termix BVX RO T/E
Width with cover [mm] 540 mm
Width without cover [mm] 520 mm


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