Thermostatic expansion valve, TD 1, R134a; R513A
Thermostatic expansion valve, TD 1, R134a; R513A


Temperature range [°C]: -25 - 15, MOP Point [°C]: 20, Orifice capacities [kW]: 3.80, Orifice capacities [TR]: 1.10, Pressure equalization: Internally equalized

Product details

Gross weight 0.15 kg
Net weight 0.15 kg
EAN 5702428079709


Adjustable NO
Approval EAC
Balanced port [Yes/No] No
Body material Brass
Bulb temperature max. [ºC] 120 °C
Bulb temperature max. [ºF] 248 °F
Capillary tube length [in] 30 in
Capillary tube length [mm] 750 mm
Connection material Copper
Direction Angleway
Element temperature max. [°C] 100 °C
Element temperature max. [°F] 210 °F
Factory setting [bar] 2.43 bar
Factory setting [psig] 35.2 psig
Filter Integrated
Flow direction Single-flow
Flow direction indicator Stamped 1-way arrow
Inlet connection type SOLDER, ODF
Inlet size [mm] 6 mm
Max. Working Pressure [bar] 34 bar
Max. Working Pressure [psig] 500 psig
MOP Point [psig] MOP 70
MOP Point [°C] 20 °C
MOP Point [°F] 68 °F
Orifice capacities [kW] 3.8 kW
Orifice capacities [TR] 1.1 tons
Orifice size 5
Outlet connection type SOLDER, ODF
Outlet size [mm] 10 mm
Packing format Industrial pack
Pressure equalization Internally equalized
Product accessories TXV accessories
Product description Thermostatic Expans. Valve
Product family name TD1
Product group Expansion valves
Product name Thermostatic expansion valve
Quantity per packing format 32 pc
Rated cap. cond. Range N [IMP] tcond=90 °F
tevap=41 °F
tliq=82 °F
Rated cap. cond. Range N [SI] tcond=32 °C
tevap=5 °C
tliq=28 °C
Refrigerants R134a
Serviceable No
Static Superheat (SS) [°C] 4 °C
Static Superheat (SS) [°F] 7.2 °F
Temperature range [°C] [Max] 15 °C
Temperature range [°C] [Min] -25 °C
Temperature range [°F] [Max] 60 °F
Temperature range [°F] [Min] -15 °F
Type TD 1
Valve body temp. max. [°C] 150 °C
Valve body temp. max. [°F] 302 °F


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