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VLT® Motion Ctrl Tool MCT 10, 1 lic.

With the MCT 10 PC software tool you can control and configure your
system simultaneously, and monitor the entire system more effectively
for faster diagnosis, and better preventive maintenance. Simplify
commissioning, maintenance and documentation using MCT 10 Set-up

• Supports Siemens CP PCMCIA- and PCI cards, for Profibus DP-V1 Master
Class 2 connection
• Support of standard interfaces: COMx, USB, RS 232 (Flux)
• Siemens PG / Field PGs already have the necessary hardware
• For commissioning frequency converters online.
• If a frequency converter requires replacement.
• If a communication network is to be expanded with more frequency
• For back-up of all parameter settings of frequency converters in a
communication network.

Produktgruppe: R1