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VLT® Control Panel LCP 11 без потенциом.

Локален контролен панел за VLT® Micro Drive FC51. Корпус IP20/Front
IP54. Цифров LCP с бързо меню за пускане в действие и локално
управление. Четене на състоянието, ръчно/автоматично избиране, клавиши
за навигация и нулиране, функция за копиране и съхранение на параметри.


VLT® Control Panel LCP 12, с потенциом.

Numerical control unit with integrated potentiometer for VLT Micro Drive
FC 51.
Fully enclosed housing design (IP 20 / front IP 54).
Quick menu for quick commissioning, manual / auto switchover and alarm
With copy function to save and transfer the device parameters.


LCP набор за дистанц. монтаж, с 3m кабел

Remote installation kit for VLT Micro Drive FC 51 for installing an LCP 11 or LCP
12 control unit in a control cabinet door or similar. (can also be retrofitted).
Contains fastening elements, seal and 3 m connection cable with plugs.
LCP is not included in the scope of delivery.
Minimum delivery quantity: 6 (in a collective box with individual packaging)