Accessories for Low Voltage Drives

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Adapter Plate, 395x220mm

With the adapter plate you can replace a VLT® 5/6/8000 by a FC drive without having to drill new holes for the FC drive. This makes it easy and fast to replace a VLT® 5/6/8000, and as there will be no drilling there will be no swarf harming the electric components.

The following VLT® 5/6/8000 can be mounted on the Adapter Plate 130B0185:
IP20 Compact: 200-240Volt VLT5001-5006, 380/500Volt VLT5001-5011
IP20/NM1: 200-240Volt VLT6002-6005, 380/460Volt VLT6002-6011, 380-480Volt VLT8006-8011, 550-600Volt VLT 5001-5011, 525-690Volt VLT8002-8011

Accessory bag for Ethernet

This part has been replaced by 134B1970

Accessory bag with control card plugs
EMC filter, 8.5A, 480V, 50hz, B1

EMC filter, 8.5A, 480V, 50hz, B1

Krones acc. bag for frame size A2/A3