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Adapter Plate, 395x220mm

With the adapter plate you can replace a VLT® 5/6/8000 by a FC drive without having to drill new holes for the FC drive. This makes it easy and fast to replace a VLT® 5/6/8000, and as there will be no drilling there will be no swarf harming the electric components.

The following VLT® 5/6/8000 can be mounted on the Adapter Plate 130B0185:
IP20 Compact: 200-240Volt VLT5001-5006, 380/500Volt VLT5001-5011
IP20/NM1: 200-240Volt VLT6002-6005, 380/460Volt VLT6002-6011, 380-480Volt VLT8006-8011, 550-600Volt VLT 5001-5011, 525-690Volt VLT8002-8011

Accessory bag for Ethernet

This part has been replaced by 134B1970

Accessory bag for frame A1-A3 w. brake

This part has been replaced by 134B1976

VLT® Motion Ctrl Tool MCT 10,1 lic.

An interactive tool for quick and easy online/offline configuration of a
VLT® drive or soft starter using a PC. Configure communication networks
and back up relevant parameter settings. Control and configure systems
simultaneously and monitor entire system more effectively for faster
monitoring, diagnosis, troubleshooting (alarms/warnings) and better
preventive maintenance.