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VLT® Profibus DP V1 MCA 101

Provides wide compatibility, a high level of availability, support for
all major PLC vendors and compatibility with future versions. Fast,
efficient communication, transparent installation, advanced diagnosis
and parameterization and auto-configuration of process data using GSD-
file. Acyclic parameterization using PROFIBUS DP-V1, ¬PROFIdrive or
Danfoss FC profile state machines, PROFIBUS DP-V1, Master Class 1 and 2.


VLT® LonWorks MCA 108, uncoated

Developed for building automation, it enables communication between
individual units in the same system (peer-to-peer) and supports
decentralizing of control. No need for main station (master-follower).
Units receive signals directly. Supports Echelon free-topology interface
(flexible cabling and installation) and embedded I/Os and I/O options
(easy implementation of decentral I/Os). Sensor signals can quickly be
moved to another controller using bus cables. Certified as compliant
with LonMark ver. 3.4 specifications.


VLT® Control Panel LCP 102

Graphic operating unit LCP102 Illuminated graphic display with plain
text. Supports all languages and characters. Quick menu for brief
commissioning.Saving and copying parameter sets.Online help for each


VLT® 24V DC Supply MCB 107, uncoated

Connect an external DC supply to keep the control section and any
installed option alive during power failure. Enables full operation of
the LCP (including the parameter setting) and all installed options
without connection to mains.


VLT® Relay Option MCB 105, uncoated

Relay extension for FC 100 and FC 300. Extension with 3 additional load relays
(changeover contacts), easy to retrofit thanks to modular technology.
Max. Load 240V AC (resistive): 2 A
Max. Load 240V AC (Cos Phi 0.4): 0.2 A
Max. Load 24V DC (ohmic): 1 A
Max. Load 24V DC (inductive): 0.1 A


Sub-D9 Adapter kit, A1, A2, A3

SUB-D9 plug adapter for FC 100 and FC 300. Allows the use of SUB-D9 connectors
at the Profibus DP interface.


LCP Mounting Kit, w/ no LCP

The kit includes fasteners, 3m cable and gasket - There is no LCP


VLT® General Purpose I/O MCB 101,unctd

MCB 101 - Advanced I / O option
Expands the number of freely programmable Control inputs and outputs around the following I / Os:
- 3 digital inputs opto-decoupled 0 - 24 V.
- 2 analog inputs 0 - 10 V.
- 2 digital outputs NPN / PNP switchable 24 V
- 1 analog output 0/4 - 20 mA


LCP Mounting Kit FC IP55/66, 8m

The kit includes fasteners, 8m cable, gasket and a blind cover to ensure IP55/ 66
after the LCP has been mounted elsewhere. The 8m cable is open in one end and the
connector block is included in the package. No LCP included.


IP 21/Type 1 conversion kit, top, A2

This is only the top part of the kit - If you need a kit with both top and bottom please order 130B1122


IP 21/Type 1 conversion kit, top, A3

This is only the top part of the kit - If you need a kit with both top and bottom please order 130B1123



MCA 120 PROFINET interface
-Supports operation on PROFINET network with extensive properties
-DCP support for easy setting u. Communication parameters via the PLC
- On Board web-Page with Drive Status
- Parameterization with the MCT10 software
- 2 port version, reduced external hardware