Pressure Switch, KP44


Regulation left side [bar]Pe: 2.00 - 12.00, Regulation right side [bar]Pe: 0.5 - 6.0, Differential left side [bar]: 0.70 - 4.00, Differential right side [bar]: 1.0, Contact function: SPST(NO)+SPST(NC), Reset function, left side: Auto, Reset function, right side: Auto

Product details

Gross weight 0.572 Kilogram
Net weight 0.52 Kilogram
Volume 1.281 Liter
EAN 5702423148592


Amb. Temp. Note 80 °C/176 °F for max 120 min
Ambient temperature range [°C] [max] 65 °C
Ambient temperature range [°C] [min] -40 °C
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Max] 149 °F
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Min] -40 °F
Approval CCC
RoHS China
c UL us UL873, CS C22.2
China RoHS compliance Yes
Contact function SPST(NO)+SPST(NC)
Contact rating AC15=10 A, 400 V
AC1=16 A, 400 V
AC3=16 A, 400 V
DC13=12 W, 220 V
LR=112 A, 400 V
Differential left side [bar] [Max] 4 bar
Differential left side [bar] [Min] 0.7 bar
Differential left side [psi] [Max] 58 psi
Differential left side [psi] [Min] 10 psi
Differential right side [bar] 1 bar
Differential right side [psi] 14.5 psi
EEE category 5 small equipment (any external dimension 50 cm)​
Electrical connection Rubber cable gland
Electrical connection size 6-14 mm
EN 60947 electrical properties Insulation: 400V
Pollution degree: 3
Rated impulse voltage: 4 kV
Short circuit prot, fuse: 16A
EN 60947 wiring properties Flex, ferrules: 0.5-1.5 mm2
Flex, no ferrules: 0.7-2.5 mm2
Solid/stranded: 0.75-2.5 mm2
Enclosure rating IP IP22
Enclosure rating Nema (~) 2
EU RoHS compliance Yes
EU RoHS exemption clause No
In scope of WEEE Yes
In scope of WEEE and contain batteries No
Max.test press.left side[bar] 25 bar
Max.test press.right side[bar] 19 bar
MWP left side [bar] Pe 17 bar
MWP left side [psig] Pe 245 psig
MWP right side [bar] Pe 17 bar
MWP right side [psig] Pe 245 psig
Packing format Multi pack
Pressure connection size 1/4
Pressure connection standard ISO 228-1
Pressure connection type G
Pressure Male/Female Male
Pressure sensing element Bellows
Product accessories Switches accessories
Product description Dual Pressure Control
Product Group Switches and thermostats
Product Name Description Pressure Switch
Quantity per packing format 32 pc
REACH Candidate List substances 0.1 Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1)
Regulation left side [bar]Pe [Max] 12 bar
Regulation left side [bar]Pe [Min] 2 bar
Regulation left side [psig]Pe [Max] 174 psig
Regulation left side [psig]Pe [Min] 29 psig
Regulation right side [bar]Pe [Max] 6 bar
Regulation right side [bar]Pe [Min] 0.5 bar
Regulation right side [psig]Pe [Max] 87 psig
Regulation right side [psig]Pe [Min] 7 psig
Reset function, left side Auto
Reset function, right side Auto
SCIP dossier no. b1323c86-8856-44cc-b1c6-6849abe37ee4
Serviceable No
Type KP44
UK RoHS compliance Yes
UL approval file name E31024


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