Differential pressure switch, RT263AL
Differential pressure switch, RT263AL


Diff.press.setting range [bar]: 0.10 - 1.00, Reset function: Auto, Pressure connection type: G, Pressure connection size: 3/8, Enclosure rating IP: IP66, Max. Working Pressure [bar]: 7.0

Product details

Gross weight 1.41 kg
Net weight 1.12 kg
EAN 5702428042741


Alarm Signal Falling
Ambient temperature range [°C] [Max] 70 °C
Ambient temperature range [°C] [Min] -50 °C
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Max] 158 °F
Ambient temperature range [°F] [Min] -58 °F
Ammonia application Yes
Approval CCC
RoHS China
Contact differential [bar] 0.05 bar
Contact function SPDT (neutral zone)
Contact rating AC15=3 A, 400 V
AC1=10 A, 400 V
DC13=12 W, 220 V
AC3=4 A, 400 V
LR=28 A, 400 V
Diff.press.setting range [bar] [Max] 1 bar
Diff.press.setting range [bar] [Min] 0.1 bar
Diff.press.setting range [MPa] [Max] 0.1 MPa
Diff.press.setting range [MPa] [Min] 0.01 MPa
Diff.press.setting range [psi] [Max] 14.5 psi
Diff.press.setting range [psi] [Min] 1.5 psi
Electrical conn. Male/Female Female
Electrical connection Screwed cable entry
Electrical connection size 2xPg 13.5
Electrical connection standard DIN 40430
Electrical spec. standard EN 60947-4/-5
EN 60947 electrical properties Pollution degree: 3
Rated impulse voltage: 4 kV
Short circuit prot, fuse: 10A
EN 60947 wiring properties Flex, ferrules: 0.2-1.5 mm2
Flex, no ferrules: 0.2-2.5 mm2
Solid/stranded: 0.2-2.5 mm2
Enclosure rating IP IP66
Factory setting [bar] 0.8 bar
Factory setting [MPa] 0.08 MPa
Factory setting [psig] 11 psig
Max. neutral zone [bar] 0.23 bar
Max. test pressure [bar] Pe 8 bar
Max. test pressure [psig] 116 psig
Max. Working Pressure [bar] 7 bar
Max. Working Pressure [psig] 101 psig
Operat. range LP side [bar] Pe [Max] 6 bar
Operat. range LP side [bar] Pe [Min] -1 bar
Operat. range LP side [psig]Pe [Max] 87 psig
Operat. range LP side [psig]Pe [Min] -15 psig
Packing format Multi pack
Pressure connection notes Weld nipple d6.5/D10mm
Pressure connection size 3/8
Pressure connection standard ISO 228-1
Pressure connection type G
Pressure Male/Female Male
Pressure range [bar] Pe [Max] 6 bar
Pressure range [bar] Pe [Min] -1 bar
Product accessories Generic accessories
Switches accessories
Product description Diff. Pressure Switch
Product family name RT
Product Group Switches and thermostats
Product name Differential pressure switch
Quantity per packing format 9 pc
Relay release time [s] 0 "
Reset function Auto
Serviceable Contact systems
Type RT263AL


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