Frequency converter
VLT® Midi Drive FC-(280) 280
(P1K1) 1.1 kW / 1.5 HP, (T4) Three phase 380-480 VAC
IP20 / Chassis, (H1) EMC Cat C1(200V)/C2(400V)
Brake chopper, (X) No display
(C) Coated PCB, (X) No mains options
(AX) Standard w. Modbus
Frame: K1
Other options according to Model code

Model code: FC-280P1K1T4E20H1BXCXXXSXXXXAX

Product details

Gross weight 3.05 kg
Net weight 2.62 kg
Volume 16.53 l
EAN 5710107989898

VLT® Midi Drive FC 280..

Product View (Switch) GLBL Global (Standard)
Product Group FC- VLT® Midi Drive FC-
Series 280 (280) 280
Power Size P1K1 (P1K1) 1.1 kW / 1.5 HP
Voltage T4 (T4) Three phase 380-480 VAC
Enclosure.. E20 IP20 / Chassis
RFI Filter H1 (H1) EMC Cat C1(200V)/C2(400V)
Brake & Stop.. B Brake chopper
Display X (X) No display
Coating C (C) Coated PCB
Mains Option X (X) No mains options
Adaptation A X (X) No Adaption
Adaptation B X (X) No Adaption
Special Version SXXX (SXXX) Latest release
Control Card AX (AX) Standard w. Modbus
Frame Size K1 K1
Calculated Gross Weight 2.8
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 2.5
Continuous Current (HO) [A] 3
Continuous Current (HO) [A] 2.8
Depth [mm] 168
Height [mm] 210
Intermittent Current (HO) [A] 4.8
Intermittent Current (HO) [A] 4.8
kVA 2.1
Material Gross Weight 3.05
Material Net Weight 2.62
Modelcode01 FC-280P1K1T4E20H1BXC
Modelcode02 XXXSXXXXAX
Power 160% (HO) [KW] 1.1
Power Loss HO [W] 40
Power Loss HO [W] NV
Power Loss NO [W] NV
Power Loss NO [W] NV
Product Catalog NO_VIEW NO VIEW
Recommended Factory ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor
Software Language Pack X (X) Standard language pack
Typecode Part 1 FC-280P1K1T4E20H1BXC
Typecode Part 2 XXXSXXXXAX
Vendor ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor
Width w/ no C options [mm] 75


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