Frequency converter
VACON 100 Industrial
380-500 Vac, 205 Amp, IP00
Graphical Keypad MK01
C3 Commercial&Industry Environ
B Slot: F3,3 Relay board
C Slot: No board
D Slot: No board
Fieldbus: IndEth (ProfinetIO,EthernetIP)
Manual: English
Frame 08
E Slot: No board

Other options according to Model code

Model code: VACON0100-3L-0205-5+IP00+DBIN+DNOT+FBIE

Product details

Gross weight 51 kg
Net weight 50 kg
Volume 0 l
EAN 5715253001678

VACON 0100

Product View (Switch) GLBL Global (Standard)
Segment NONE VACON 100 Industrial
Region Code -R00 R00 International
Mains voltage -5 380-500 Vac
Current rating -0205 205 Amp
Installation options -DM DM Drive Module
Enclosure +IP00 IP00
Control panel +HMGR Graphical Keypad MK01
EMC emission limit category +EMC3 C3 Commercial&Industry Environ
Common mode filter (for DM) +P000 No Option
DUT filter (for DM) +P000 No Option
Brake chopper +DBIN Integrated Brake Chopper
Real time clock option +SRNO No Battery for real time clock
Configurable power range NONE None
Power connections +P000 No Power options (+P000)
Cable entry +QGLM Metric conduit plate
Additional Equipment B +Q000 No option for Qxxx_B (+Q000)
Additonal Equipment C +Q000 No additonal option for Qxxx_C
Shipping package +GSCB Cardboard Box as Shipping pack
Marine construction +E000 no option
B-Slot Option Board +SBF3 F3,3 Relay board
C- Slot Option Board +SC00 No board
D-Slot Option Board +SD00 No board
E-Slot Option Board +SE00 No board
Internal FB selection +FBIE IndEth (ProfinetIO,EthernetIP)
Documentation level +DNOT No Manuals
Document language preference +DLUK English
Firmware Language Pack +FL01 UK, DE, FI, SE, IT, FR lang
Application +A0000 No Application
Parameter Set +L0000 No application parameter set
Motor parameter default freq +LS50 50 Hz def motor freq settings
Unit for measure for display +LSSI Metric Units of Measure
Labeling options +LPC1 no additional labels
UL approval +GAUL UL Approval (+GAUL)
Marine approval NONE None
RCM Approval +GACT RCM Approval N16307
KC approval +GAKC KC Approval
Ukrainian approval +GAUA Ukrainian Approval
EAC Approval +GAEA EAC Approval
Auxilary power supply +C000 no option
DC power supply for aux device +C000 no option
AC socket for aux devices +C000 no option
Input Devices NONE none_
Common mode filter (for ED) +P000 no option
DU/DT, Sine filter (for ED) +P000 no option
Terminal Options NONE none_
Door Equipments +C000 no option
Cabinet heater +C000 no option
Cabinet light +C000 no option
Motor heater control +C000 no option
Emergency stop options +C000 no option
Insulation fault sensor +C000 no option
Cabling from top +C000 no option
Back channel cooling +C000 no option
Cabinet Plinth +C000 no option
Empty extension segment NONE None
Standardized cabinet solution NONE None
Engineered cabinet solution NONE None
Product Group VACON VACON
Product Series 0100 Vacon 100 series
Phase -3L 3 Phase AC Input
Customized +BM26 Vacon 100
Main Circuit +M000 NONE
Firmware +F0072 Vacon0100 Software package
Max output frequency NONE None
Terminal Box +T000 NONE
Bypass Control Operation Mode NONE none_
Bypass Input Type NONE none_
Bypass power connection type NONE none_
CE approval +GACE CE Approval (+GACE)
ATEX Approval NONE None
County Specific Approval NONE None
Warrenty time +WT01 Warranty 12/18 months (+WT01)
Frame Size MR08 Frame 08
Product Catalog NO_VIEW NO VIEW
Modelcode01 VACON0100-3L-0205-5
Modelcode02 +IP00+DBIN+DNOT+FBIE
Calculated Net Weight [kg] 50
Calculated Gross Weight [kg] 51
Motor Power Low Overload [kW] 110
Motor Power High Overload [kW] 90
Dimensions WxHxD [mm] net 290 X 794 X 343
Dimensions WxHxD [mm] Gross 430 X 380 X 785
Continuous Current (NO) [A] 205
Continuous Current (HO) [A] 170
Motor Power HP Low Overload 150
Motor Power HP High Overload 125
Typecode Part 1 70-AB3L02055W08B031BM26
Typecode Part 2 -000066041
check if complete OK
Plant from Orderline D801
Vendor ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor
Recommended Factory ERR01 Cannot Determine Vendor
Help Counter 20
Help Counter 2
Sub family identification NONE Normal customer ordered
ECCN US 3A999.a

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